Career Counseling Cell

career-councelling-cell11In india, there is a standard curriculum for classes 1 – 12 , and then one curriculum for an undergraduate or graduate programme that is taught to all. The curriculum,by and large , is not flexible and does not try to tap into individual strengths and competencies. The individuals, as a result of this system, may not get fair chance to develop their personal skills. Therefore the risk of a person not being able to achieve his/her full potential remains high under this system. Underdeveloped skills base may result in underperformance by the individuals in their professional careers.

We at YS do not take this as an excuse instead we enable our students to look for the right choices based on their competencies so that they can align themselves with the skills required by the markets.

A dedicated career counseling cell is operational on 24×7 basis to guide students towards a focused and promising career path. We develop their thought process in a manner that they may not just seek a job, but a career. Regular career oriented lectures are undertaken by professionally trained and cerified career counselor. Students not only gain knowledge about the scope in the course of their choice but also learn the pathway to reach their desired goals.

We at YS ensures the students opt for Career By Choice and Not By Chance.